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The Creative Wild community is made up of movers, creators and storytellers.

It might be that you pop in to a weekly class now and then, or you join for our fortnightly writing group or book club, or for our monthly workshops.

We meet on Zoom, and connect through Patreon, Social Media and, when allowed, in workshops in person.

"Those who don't know how to howl,

will not find a pack."

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women who Run with Wolves

What is Patreon?

  • A platform to support creatives to have a predictable income

  • Choose to pay from just £5 to £45 in a monthly subscription

  • Connect with community

  • Cancel anytime & have immediate access

Why join the Patreon page?

  • Access to hundreds of recorded videos

  • Fortnightly book club and journal club

  • Weekly classes

  • Monthly workshops

  • Private Facebook page

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