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Connection. Creativity.
Embodied Movement.


If you are searching for a stretch, an opportunity for rest, to commune with your creative self or simply an hour or so to yourself... However you have found us, I am glad you have landed here in the wild.


The Creative Wild offers a variety of tools to get to know ourselves better. You might be excited by the writing and meditation practices, but often this journey starts with the body. I teach a whole range of styles. 

If you are seeking relaxation - I would start with a Restorative class, if you want a stretch - Forrest Yoga; if you want a workout - Power, if you want lots of recorded content - join the Patreon. 

Happy exploring! ash x

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Teaching Writing

Words are important to me - poetry sneaks its way into most of my classes. As does bodywork (our stories after all are written on more than a page).


I love stories. Old ones, new ones and ones that I have just written. 4 years studying Classics at Oxford, 3 years as an English teacher and a bookshelf full of fairytales made it almost inevitable that I would want to write myself. And I did.


My first book, The Handstanding Yogi, was published in 2017 and I am currently completing my Masters in Writing for Young People where I am returning to my love of myths and magic.

How does it show up in class? Every week the Patreons and I meet on a Monday evening (after Forrest Yoga) to explore either Creative Journalling or a chapter of Women Who Run with Wolves. I also run monthly 'Roll, Write & Release' workshops where we explore release techniques and journal exercises. 

Teaching Movement


Teaching Movement

I love to teach (which is really just connecting, right?), and to teach teachers. I work with student teachers on a number of trainings (we work mostly with voice and storytelling).

I have had the privilege to work with some incredible teachers: Bex Tyrer, Denise Payne, Ana Forrest, Les Leventhal and Dan Peppiatt. I have studied varied styles, in many countries, and have completed trainings in Ashtanga, Hatha, Restorative, Thai Massage, Rocket, Pregnancy Yoga, AcroYoga and Forrest Inspired Yoga.

I was also lucky enough to bring AcroYoga to Bristol, and also to create The Yoga Campout - both because moving, eating, flying and dancing together is important to me. I still teach flying workshops, I love the joy it brings.

I lived abroad for years (Malaysia… then China… then India…) but I am blessed to have settled in Bristol. Here I walk my gorgeous polar bear of a dog at dawn. Those walks, those silent conversations, save me daily.

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